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I hope you enjoy my Yellowstone National Park Web site, which features a large Yellowstone History Guide that includes some rare historical documents. Additionlly, I also hope you find time to read the Yellowstone Newspaper. Any suggestions would help me out.  Please share them with me by email.

Jim Macdonald

GET INVOLVED: Because of the cruel killing and hazing of bison in the Yellowstone area, some Bozeman residents have formed the Buffalo Allies of Bozeman. If you want to help organize, we usually meet every Wednesday at 7 PM, in Montana State University's Student Union Building 2nd floor cafeteria (NW corner) at 7 PM - see for full details. Or, join our announcement listserve (send blank email).
Picture of the Week:

Bison outside Norris Campground

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  My Recent Yellowstone Writings:

5/12/10 Buffalo torture 2010: Firsthand witness account of Tuesday's haze

4/22/10 A newborn buffalo breathes (iconic?) significance into my disjointed narrative (of intimate specifics?)
1/7/09 Buffalo rally in Helena: Success of a small action inside a big problem
1/1/09 Yellowstone doom: Imagine better this new year
8/20/08 Reflections on the beauty of waterfalls

For more of my writings, check out my blog: Jim's Eclectic World.

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