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March 2010
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3/1/10 Architect of Grand Teton National Park's visitor center receives highest honor (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
3/1/10 We see water (by Yellowstoner)
3/1/10 First sign of spring: Bears awaken from slumber (by Yellowstone Insider)
3/1/10 GNFAC avalanche advisory for Mon Feb 1, 2010 (by Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center)
2/28/10 GNFAC avalanche advisory for Sun Feb 28, 2010 (by Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center)
2/27/10 GNFAC avalanche advisory for Sat Feb 27, 2010 (by Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center)
2/26/10 Druid wolf pack likely to fade away (by Kathie Lynch in Ralph Maughan's Wildlife News)--wouldn't be surprised to see this followed up at some point in the national press, as this was the most famous wolf pack
2/26/10 Yellowstone's bears are waking up (press release by National Park Service)
2/26/10 Around the block (by Yellowstoner)
2/26/10 GNFAC avalanche advisory for Fri Feb 26, 2010 (by Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center)
2/25/10 Update from the field (by Buffalo Field Campaign)
2/25/10 Losing our forests: NRDC sues to protect iconic whitebark pine: Unique high elevation trees threatened by warming climate (press release by Natural Resources Defense Council)
2/25/10 NRDC sues to have Fish and Wildlife Service consider whitebark pine for Endangered Species Act protection (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
2/25/10 Yellowstone recruits for 2010 YCC program (press release by National Park Service)
2/25/10 GNFAC avalanche advisory for Thu Feb 25, 2010 (by Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center)
2/24/10 Annual winter photo festival in West Yellowstone (press release by National Park Service)
2/24/10 GNFAC avalanche advisory for Wed Feb 24, 2010 (by Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center)
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3/7/10 This newspaper is going on indefinite hiatus. Work is dominating me, and I can't keep up. I also think I need to take some time when work lets up to get back into writing, which is something that's evaporated from my life the past couple of years. As you can see from the archives, for various reasons, this happens to me over the years. The first time in 1999, it was simple lack of energy. In March 2003, the Iraq war began, my life fell apart, and I used all my spare time on anti-war activism. Now, it's this. But, I think the paper will come back ... perhaps sooner than later. As I write about Yellowstone, I'll need to have a better idea of what's happening. The other thing that can bring this back sooner is if someone could volunteer to help (knowledge of simple HTML is all that's required; though, if work lets up, just a list of articles and links would be all I need)
2/28/10 Rules about guns in national parks not so simple (by Michael Jamison Missoulian)
2/27/10 Grizzlies leaving dens in parks (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
2/27/10 Recent Yellowstone earthquake swarm was the second-largest ever (by Howard Pankratz The Denver Post)
2/27/10 NPS ranger programs end March 15 (by West Yellowstone News)
2/26/10 Yellowstone bears awakening (by Great Falls Tribune)
2/26/10 Crying wolf: Elk Foundation calls out motive of wolf groups (by a press release, but hey, sometimes your press releases get printed as news ... seen that happen once or twice with releases I've written
2/26/10 Benefit concert hopes to stop wilderness legislation (by Tori Norskog Montana Kaimin)--pay close attention to who the conservationists are that support and those who don't, and you'll understand a clear rift not just on this issue but a lot of other ones as well; count me with those opposing the bill
2/26/10 Quarantined brucellosis-free bison to be relocated (by Terri Adams The Prairie Star--MT)
2/25/10 Bison take 'baby steps' toward wider range to roam (by Oren Dorell USA Today)--this almost makes it sound as if Mike Mease and Buffalo Field Campaign supported the transfer (or were not clear about their objections); they expressed in an email disappointment over the article and have called for letters and comments (see comments below article)
2/25/10 Group sues over whitebark pine endangered petition (AP story in Idaho Statesman)
2/24/10 Lead in ravens drops with copper bullets: Researchers hope to distribute nonlead ammunition to more hunters next year (by Cory Hatch Jackson Hole News and Guide)
2/24/10 Measuring a mountaineer: Friends, family remember life of avalanche victim (by Kelsey Dayton Jackson Hole News and Guide)
2/24/10 State vet pushes for brucellosis vaccinations (by Tom Lutey Billings Gazette)
2/24/10 National parks '09 visitation up but misses record (AP story in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)--it was a record, however, in Yellowstone
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(comment in the discussion forum
3/1/10 Yellowstone Park attempts to increase ranger population with new mating program (satire by The Onion)--gotta love The Onion, though the byline could have been more accurate (Gardiner or Mammoth Hot Springs would have been more accurate than "Jackson")
3/1/10 Group forms to urge plowing of roads in Yellowstone National Park (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
2/28/10 The Eternal and the changeable (by Leslie)
2/28/10 Winged hitchhikers (by Robyn)
2/28/10 Thanks to Turner for protecting our buffalo (by Maryellen Thompson in Billings Gazette)--the remarkable ignorance about what these "protected" buffalo at Turner's actually are required to endure under the quarantine plan is really tough to combat; I think there's a knee jerk reaction of some that because Turner is identified as a liberal, that some who are also liberal are inclined to support this and him without really understanding the situation
2/28/10 Questions about access in Tester's wilderness bill (by Robert Hurly in Billings Gazette)
2/27/10 A call for affordable access (by Brennan Sang West Yellowstone News)--this is an interesting shift in strategy by residents in West Yellowstone; I do think this hits on a very important issue that the snowmobile debate of the last decade largely missed as large environmental groups lacking economic class consciousness battled with snowmobilers and businesspeople, who otherwise could afford to go to Yellowstone in winter ... this isn't to say I necessarily support making access easy; I do support it being fair, which it currently is not
2/27/10 From the park superintendent (excerpted letter by Suzanne Lewis in West Yellowstone News)--she is right, of course ... that snowcoaches also have a significant environmental impact; but again, the economic exclusivity of access is not addressed ... because it rarely has been in the media until this new organizing in West Yellowstone
2/27/10 Comment on winter use by March 30 (by Doug Edgerton in West Yellowstone News)
2/27/10 A natural view (by Katy Duffy West Yellowstone News)
2/27/10 Tester's bill threatens future of public forests (by Steve Kelly in Billings Gazette)
2/27/10 Supporting the forest bill (by Daphne Herling, Montana Wilderness Association, in West Yellowstone News)
2/27/10 Recruiting under way for 2010 Youth Conservation Corps at Yellowstone National Park (by Kurt Repanshek National Parks Traveler)
2/26/10 The feds drag their feet, and whitebark pine continues to go bye-bye (by Matt Skoglund, Natural Resources Defense Council)
2/26/10 (no) bobcat love (by s&w)
2/26/10 The wolf in our heads (by nabeki)
2/26/10 Dining in the parks: Elk chili from Grand Teton National Park's Signal Mountain Lodge (recipe provided by Josh Forsythe, Signal Mountain Lodge, in National Parks Traveler)
2/25/10 The swarm (by Robyn)
2/25/10 Feds wait as whitebark pines die, prompting lawsuit (by Shanti Menon onearth)--onearth is a publication of the Natural Resources Defense Council, who filed the lawsuit
2/25/10 National park gun law still a yawner: Now that the national park gun law is in effect, I predict, once more, that park visitors won't really notice the difference, but the onus is now on gun owners to make sure I'm correct (by Bill Schneider New West)
2/25/10 Maybe I changed my mind ... (by JC 4&20 blackbirds)
2/24/10 Specimen Ridge (by Bette and Dave)
2/24/10 Gun toters are now allowed in the national parks: We need a committee for the right to keep and bear arms (by Mark Karlin BuzzFlash)

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